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Technology Technology now plays a vital role in not only the efficiency, but also the quality of service a carrier can provide its customers. At A & A Express, Inc., we're committed to providing our customers with the most efficient service possible, and it shows in our dedication to utilize the latest technological advances.

All late model fuel efficent equipment, with APU to help save fuel, and add to driver comfort.


Two prime examples are THE Highway Master communication system and the Smart Reefer refrigeration unit.

The Highway Master allows our dispatchers to send and receive information in a moments notice, requiring no down time on the road, making our 24-hour dispatching capabilities more powerful than ever.


Smart Reefer technology takes refrigeration capabilities to a new level. By allowing the cargo temperature to be maintained within a very narrow band, a continuous supply of moist, cool air, keeps dehydration to a minimum.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered in the best condition possible.