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A&A EXPRESS provides support and service to the food-services industry by providing refrigerated, frozen and temperature-controlled trucking services throughout the United States.

Whether you are shipping frozen, deep-frozen, refrigerated products or produce or temperature-controlled confectionary or baked goods, A&A EXPRESS will:

  • Ship in trucks that are designed to properly cool or refrigerate your shipment
  • Minimize or eliminate produce or product loss with quick delivery
  • Minimize economic losses and reduce your operating expenses
  • Quickly deliver perishable products to reduce costly dock, storage and shelf time
  • Provide appropriate temperature-controlled warehousing, when necessary
  • Strive to reduce loading and unloading delays
  • Provide specialized handling, when needed
  • Work tirelessly to prevent health and food-safety violations and fines

A&A EXPRESS delivers temperature-sensitive shipments in an efficient and timely manner, and this in turn, increases profitability, reduces costs and liabilities, improves quality, and promotes consumer and customer satisfaction.